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Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers

One-Socket Rack Servers
One-socket (single CPU) rack servers offer a cost-effective balance of performance and storage capacity to make IT easy. Designed to easily grow and evolve with your business.
PowerEdge R240
PowerEdge R340
PowerEdge R6415
PowerEdge R7415
PowerEdge R6515
PowerEdge R7515

Two-Socket Rack Servers

Two-socket (dual CPU) rack servers offer a wide variety of features to accommodate more demanding workloads. Offered in price and performance configurations to suit most environments.
PowerEdge R440
PowerEdge R540
PowerEdge R640
PowerEdge R740
PowerEdge R740xd
PowerEdge R740xd2
PowerEdge R7425
PowerEdge C4140
PowerEdge XR2
PowerEdge R6525
PowerEdge C6525

Four-Socket Rack Servers

Four-socket (four CPU) rack servers are the workhorses of the data center, offering the highest performance for the most demanding workloads like data analytics, AI and GPU database acceleration.
PowerEdge R840
PowerEdge R940
PowerEdge R940xa