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Lenovo Storage

ThinkSystem DM Series All-Flash Array
These all-flash arrays offer a range of connectivity including 40Gb Ethernet (GbE), 32Gb Fibre Channel, and NVMe over Fibre Channel, minimizing latency and maximizing performance.
In fact, DM Series systems are so fast they eliminate the bandwidth bottlenecks inherent in other systems that are caused by flash storage exceeding the speed of the network. By leveraging NVMe over Fibre Channel, you can reduce your storage latency by up to 50%.
- Guaranteed 3:1 data reduction without sacrificing performance
- Eliminate planned downtime and disruptions
- Consolidate your infrastructure by scaling up to 70PB of unified storage
- Optimize for hybrid cloud – easily implement a service-oriented IT architecture

ThinkSystem DE Series All-Flash Array
The compact 2U Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6000F all-flash (SSD) midrange storage array will turbocharge access to your data to increase its value.
This all-flash array combines industry-leading, enterprise-proven availability features with up to 1M of IOPS, sub-100 microsecond response times, and up to 21GBps of read bandwidth.
Similarly, the entry-level Lenovo ThinkSystem DE4000F all-flash storage system boosts access to your data for greater value in only 2U.
It too combines enterprise-proven availability features with affordable IOPS, sub-100 microsecond response times, and up to 10GBps of read bandwidth.
- Maximizes efficiency by eliminating overprovisioning, all while reducing cost by cutting space, power and cooling requirements
- Guards against data loss and downtime events, locally and long distance, with advanced data protection
- Provides support for up to 2.94PB of raw capacity in modular 2U building blocks and delivers superior data access with low-latency performance
- Flash-optimized arrays are designed to work in the most demanding environments
- Extreme performance with up to 1.0M IOPS and sub-100 microsecond latency

Storage-Area Network (SAN)
ThinkSystem DB630S 32Gb FC SAN Switch - An enterprise high-density 2U top-of-rack, Gen 6 Fibre Channel SAN switch, designed to tackle the growing requirements of large and dynamic environments.
ThinkSystem DB620S 32Gb FC SAN Switch - A midrange top-of-rack , Gen 6 Fibre Channel SAN switch, designed with extreme performance and optimized for SSD and flash storage.
ThinkSystem DB610S 32Gb FC SAN Switch - This storage networking switch combines market-leading Gen 6 throughput and low latency with an affordable switch form factor, making it ideal for small to midsize businesses to build a flash-ready infrastructure.
ThinkSystem DB400D and DB800D 32Gb FC SAN Directors - An entry level, modular building block chassis for mid-sized enterprise infrastructures designed with extreme availability, performance and throughput.
B300 Fibre Channel Switch - This low-cost switch for entry-level Fibre Channel storage networks delivers energy-efficient performance in a 1U form factor that supports demanding server & virtual server deployments.
Lenovo B6505 Fibre Channel Switch - Entry-level high-performance, easy-to-install Gen 5 Fibre Channel SAN switch that enables multiple servers to connect to external disk & tape systems.
Lenovo B6510 Fibre Channel Switch - A midrange top-of-rack, high-performance, easy-to-install Gen 5 Fibre Channel SAN switch enhanced with enterprise storage connectivity options.