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EMC Data Domain

Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances is the ultimate protection storage appliance that is the next generation of the existing Dell EMC Data Domain appliances. PowerProtect DD is the #1 customer choice of data protection and is now setting the bar for data management from edge to core to cloud.

PowerProtect DD appliances deliver a fast, secure and an efficient solution that is optimized for multi-cloud data protection and meets future demands via a multi-dimensional appliance portfolio. PowerProtect DD Series Appliances comprises of PowerProtect DD9900, PowerProtect DD9400, PowerProtect DD6900, PowerProtect DD3300 and a software-defined appliance with PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition (DDVE).

Faster backup with Dell EMC Data Domain Boost and Veeam

Veeam’s enhanced integration with Dell EMC Data Domain Boost delivers faster backups, source side deduplication and data in-flight encryption. Veeam and Dell EMC Data Domain Boost help maximize the benefits of your deduplication solution by reducing resource utilization on the array, improving available bandwidth and increasing backup performance up to 15x. Plus, the security of your backups will increase with data in-flight encryption over the WAN to off-site Data Domain appliances.

Dell EMC Data Domain Boost with Veeam provides benefits such as: 

- Up to 50% faster backup performance with advanced source-side deduplication
- 10x faster synthetic full backup file creation and transformation for even shorter backup windows
- Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity support, enabling LAN-free backup to Data Domain
- Increased security by encrypting data in-flight over the WAN to off-site Data Domain appliances